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At Southern Shooting Services we offer a variety of services to assist you from:


This is an area which is quite often misunderstood and in some cases sadly neglected. To ensure your gun fits you there are a number of steps that should be undertaken.

We recommend that you first book a one to one lesson, where an initial assessment will be made and if further action is required a complete program to ensure your gun fits you will be drawn up. This will include a pattern plate, try gun and a full set of stock measurements.


The role of the "Loader" in today's shooting field can be many and varied. We offer loaders that are experienced with both single and double guns, are able to assist an experienced shot and be able to guide an inexperienced shot.

All are instructors are fully qualified and insured and have an in-depth knowledge of game shooting.

Coaching on the Peg

This service requires experienced instructors, with an in-depth knowledge of driven game shooting and field work. Our instructors have the ability to make your day "one to remember" for the right reasons.

Please note: On the peg coaching can only be successfully undertaken when using single guns or employing the additional services of a loader on double guns.

Game Days

We have experience in finding the right game shoot for you – so just contact us with your requirements.

For pricing and further details on the above services please call to discuss further.

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