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Shotgun shooting is a tremendous sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, from those with no previous shooting experience, booking a single or course of introductory lessons, through to those needing to brush up on technique or have some practice lessons just to ensure you are ready for the coming season.

Beginners/Novice introduction to shooting

Our team of qualified instructors will assess every lesson on the requirements of the individual. Young, old, tall or small we take time to ensure equipment and coaching methods will suit you as an individual. Joint lessons are also a great way of enjoying this fantastic sport.

Technique Improvement/Practice/One to One Tuition

Practice is always an important factor when trying to ensure year on year we maintain the quality we are looking for at that yearly charity clay event or standing on the peg at the beginning of the season. At Southern Shooting Services we can offer you a variety of targets to brush up on whatever your disciplines.


Individual Lesson which lasts approximately 1 hour

£ 65.00

Joint Lesson (2 people) which lasts approximately 1½ hours

£ 95.00

Course of three individual lessons

£ 165.00

Course of six individual lessons

£ 330.00

All the above lessons include 25 clays and cartridges and if required the provision of suitable guns and all relevant equipment.

Additional clays and cartridges used in any lesson will be charged at £15.00 per 25

Gift vouchers available upon request.

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